The Grounds

Quinta Galegas springs from a long held dream of our family to build a space that allows people with common interests to come together to learn and play. To step away from the everyday and into something extraordinary. We have a great passion for nature and we have endeavoured to create nooks where you can steal away to absorb the tranquility and beauty of the land.

We have a long held love of gardening and have been able to bring that to fruition here. We love to cook and our meals are inspired by a walk through the garden - bringing fresh organic food to the table is a real joy. Our herb garden is both culinary and medicinal and we can provide herbal teas, infusions, teas and baths tailored to your needs.

Swimming lake

  • Spring water swimming lake purified by our water garden
  • Wood fired hot tub
  • Shared wash and changing rooms


  • Communal eating area
  • Exterior kitchen with guest catering facilities
  • Wood fired oven


  • Extensive vegetable patch
  • Medicinal and culinary herbs
  • Flower garden
  • Water garden

Orange grove

  • Camping field
  • Eco friendly bathroom